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Title: Once Around the Sun 6/6
Author: Tuxedo Elf
Rating: NC17 (Eventually)
Beta: enismirdal
Pairing: Lindir/Namo
Summary: Namo answers a challenge to live with the Elves and learns a lot about life - and love.

Lindir sat on the sandy beach, looking out into the distance. It was strange, he thought: from here he could see the Halls of Mandos, but he still could not reach his lover. So close and yet still beyond his reach – it was frustrating. All he could do was wait and hope Námo would find him here.

He had seen little of the Lord of the Dead these past years. War had ravaged Arda and Lindir knew the Halls of Waiting had not been so full since the Last Alliance. He knew of no one that had not been touched by death in some way and it saddened him greatly. When Elrond had announced his intention to sail he had decided to leave too, hating the weariness that had fallen over his birth-home.

Yet he had not seen Námo before sailing or since and he just hoped that knowledge of his arrival in Valinor had reached the Grey Halls.

He had distracted himself well enough – he had found himself a home and reunited with old friends. Thórod, Indwen, her husband and daughter had sailed a decade before and he had missed them terribly. There had been another welcome surprise too – Lantion, reborn and working amongst the Telerin sailors. According to Thórod, his bondmate had spent no more time than absolutely necessary in the Halls, something which both amused Lindir and warmed his heart.

In this way he was happy, though still incomplete.


The years rolled by. Decades became centuries, centuries became millennia. Námo sought Lindir out sometimes but the meetings were always brief, barely enough for hurried conversations and frantic loving.

Nevertheless, Lindir waited and loved him still, accepting that this was his lot and living as best he could with that fate, though often he wondered why he had been doomed to love one that could not be with him.

It was a beautiful morning, the sun shining brightly in the blue sky. Even the dawn mists had dissipated faster than usual, chased away by the warmth. Leaving his home, Lindir walked down the sands with a strange feeling of contentment filling him. He was happy – he lived by the sea, he had friends and family far closer to him than before – and he had one who loved him, even though they were often apart.

Smiling to himself, he sang softly as he walked, the melody caught by the waves and carried off.

“You look happy.”

The voice caught him off guard and he spun around, nearly tripping inelegantly over his robe.

“Careful,” Námo chuckled, the deep black eyes lightening a little in amusement.

Lindir ignored the caution, flying forward into his lover’s arms. “I have missed you!” It had been nearly a century since their last meeting, a long time, even for them.

“I know,” Námo replied, looking down at the slender Elf. He tilted Lindir’s head up and kissed him sweetly. “But now you need never miss me again.” He smiled, full of love and hope.

Buried deep within his lover’s embrace, it was a moment before the words sank in. When they did he looked up in shock. “Never… you do not mean?” He could not finish the sentence, hardly dared to believe that his dearest wish had come true.

Námo nodded, looking more joyful and carefree than Lindir had ever seen him. “The last of the souls have been released and there is no death here - my duties are over.” He cupped Lindir’s face with his hand, stroking his cheek. “We can be together.”

“Oh…” Hardly able to believe it, Lindir looked into his lover’s eyes, almost fearful that it was some cruel trick. But he saw only honesty there… honesty and love. “After so long… it is almost too good to be true!”

“It gets better…” Námo pulled Lindir closer, never breaking their gaze. “I told you once that it was my hope that Eru might someday free us from these marriages of convenience. That day has come. Eru has agreed to dissolve my marriage with Vairë, so that she might wed Olórin. Which means I am also free to bond again.” He smiled, seeming younger than Lindir had ever seen him before, now he was free of his burdens. “Lindir, keeper of my heart, will you marry me?”

Lindir’s joyful response echoed across the golden sands, as their eternal summer finally began.


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