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Dear Smudge,

Generally, you're a great cat. Affectionate, playful and tolerant of Aedan using you as a pillow.

However, if I EVER have to get up at 4AM again to breakup a catfight outside the front door? You'll be calling a cardboard box 'home'!

Yours in irritation and tiredness,
Tux aka She Who Fills The Food Bowl
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I was going to put laundry in before going to bed...

But I think it can wait. ;)

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*Goes to bed*


Sep. 26th, 2007 08:38 pm
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Today at 6.30 Smudge was SUPPOSED to go to the vets. He's got some nasty red patches on his skin - I suspect he's picked up something fom the field nearby and obviously I want to get it sorted out.

Smudge, however, had other ideas. He went out at about 3pm this afternoon... and I'm still waiting for him to come in. *Sigh* I'd kept the cat box hidden but he must have known. Rotten cat. It's for his own good!

Of course, I'll still cuddle him when he comes in, because I'm a bit getting rather worried... but argh!

EDIT: He's come home after avoiding me for about seven hours! I don't think I'll mention that I've rescheduled the appointment for Saturday morning...

Cats. Oi.

Apr. 26th, 2007 02:04 pm
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Over the years Smudge has gifted me with various things... from birds and mice in varying states, (including, on one occasion, a duckling that was thankfully unhurt) to spiders and frogs.

Last night though, he really surprised me. And by surprised I mean 'Oh my fucking god, what's THAT?!'

It was, in fact, one of these:

O_O )


Oct. 31st, 2006 11:51 pm
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Kitty update!

I was bathing the abscess with warm salt water, but it wasn't doing much, so on the advice of a few people I went to the pharmacy and got a bottle of wound wash. Smudge absolutely HATES it, but it seems to be working. It brings all the crap to the top and lets me wipe it off. A few minutes ago I got a *lot* of pus out, followed by blood, so I'm hopeful that it's mostly cleaned out now, though I'll keep treating it.

He's a bit swollen around his face, but that's to be expected. He is eating and seems to not hate me, so that's a good sign!
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OK, I'm having a kitty crises again.

Smudge has been a bit off-colour the last couple of days and I noticed his head was sore. I kept a eye on him, but he seeed OK, just quiet. Today I've just seen pus on his head - by the looks of things it's an abcess which has burst. Can someone please tell me how to clean it up? Just use a cloth? In hiself he seems much brighter now, but I want to make sure its all out.


Pets. :)

Aug. 22nd, 2006 01:12 am
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My cat and dog have been seperated for roughly nine months. Yesterday Jupiter finally came home. It took somewhat less than 24 hours for things to return to normal.


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I love my cat, really I do. But he gave me a hell of a scare last night. He slipped out when I wasn't looking, and didn't come back for four hours. By which point, I was frantic.

And tired.

It was 2am when he snuck out, so by the time he came back it was 6am. I'd tried to go to bed but I was far too worried to sleep. I'm going to be utterly useless today.

On the bright side, once he was back and I was breathing again, I found I was somewhat reassured. To know he can go wandering for so long and still find his way back, somewhat less than 48 hours from his arrival, is comforting.

I have to start posting this in installments.

~Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of - THE SMUDGE SAGA!!!~

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Look who's come home!!!

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Here's hoping he settles in OK!

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