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I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was celebrated on Boxing day, since I was trapped at the inlwas on the 25th! The boys got far too many gifts, my living room is definitely more of a playroom now! Need to buy some storage boxes!

I recently updated my dreamwidth journal imports I want to make sure I have everything if I need to switch over. I'm seriously unhappy with LJ at the moment. Not so much with the changes, although they suck, but with the unprofessional and dismissive attitude.

Funny though, I hadn't used that journal since late 2008. Was quite nice look back... read entries long forgotten about! Found some old fics too, uncompleted as usual! Ah well... one day! I would like to go back to the Gildor/Orophin series again.

Christmas pics below the cut for anyone who isn't sick to death of my boys by now!

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Oct. 4th, 2011 04:11 pm
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Marcus is 3 months old today and so, I bring picspam! It's gone SO fast - surprising, considering how little sleep I've had! He's still a dreadful sleeper, at night he still rarely goes more than 3 hours between wakings. But he's full of smiles and loves to babble, so I let him off! :P I think the cuteness of babies is an evolutionary survival tactic! ;)

Aedan is settling in well at Nursery - he loves going every afternoon and I usually have to remind him to say goodbye to me before he runs into the classroom! He can't get in fast enough! His teachers seem pleased with him - it's the first time he's had to do truly structured activities and he found it hard at first, but he's settling in well. I get to go in for the first 15 minutes of the session every Wednesday, which is great for seeing how he's getting on.

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