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Title: Solitude
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Orophin
Rating: PG13 (Side/rear nudity)
Notes: My first manip since Christmas! Eeep!

Solitude )
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Title: At Last
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Characters: Haldir/Glorfindel
Rating: R (Side/rear nudity)
Notes: I was asked to do this as a Christmas gift for someone. Now they've seen it, I'm posting it here. :)

At Last )
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Well, it's time for me to say goodbye for a few days - I'm off in a few minutes to my parents until boxing day and then I'm back for less than 24 hours before heading off to spend new year with [livejournal.com profile] luin77!!! *Bounces madly*

Enjoy the pic... I'll probably end up editing it again at some point - I never really got the hair to my satisfaction - but I ran out of time! Erm, ooops!

Title: Winter Bath
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Elrohir
Rating: PG13 (Nudity with a towel!)
Notes: Not even then winter weather will keep Elrohir from his bath... but it looks like he'll need warming up now! Merry Christmas!

Winter Bath )
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Title: Alone in the Woods
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Thranduil
Rating: PG
Notes: A private moment for the King of Mirkwood.

Alone in the Woods )
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Title: One Magical Night
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Pairing: Galadriel/Lúthien
Rating: R/NC17 for Femslash
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] phyncke *Squish*

One Magical Night )
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Just a quickie, didn't spend more than two hours on this. Just needed to complete the family set!

Title: Dawn Determination
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Fingon
Rating: PG
Notes: Setting out on a quest...

Dawn Determination )
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Title: In the Shadows of Angband
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Fingolfin
Rating: PG13 (Side/rear nudity)
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] phyncke, Fin's biggest fan!

In the Shadows of Angband )
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I finally got my hands on hubby's laptop long enough to complete a manip! Yay!

Title: A Moment of Memory
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Glorfindel
Rating: PG13 (Bare chest)
Notes: Glorfindel remembers one who was lost. (Three guesses as to who! :P)

A Moment of Memory )
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Title: Lost Son
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Arakáno
Rating: PG
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] enismirdal
More Notes: Arakáno was a character that Tolkien introduced very late. He is indeed a 'lost son'... Youngest child of Fingolfin he only ever appeared in the last book of the histories and died in the first battle on Middle-Earth.

Lost Son )
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Title: Looking Back
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Rating: PG
Character: Egalmoth
Notes: Egalmoth, once the Lord of the Heavenly Arch in Gondolin, remains on his guard in the havens of Sirion when he lived after Gondolin's fall.

(You may need to zoom in to restore the pic quality... will get a better version onto my site when I can!)
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Yay! I have photoshop again! :)

Title: Pale Reflection
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Aredhel
Rating: R (Female nudity)
Notes: Aredhel takes a moment to reflect on her life.
Notes 2: The cloth isn't perfect, it was my first time trying to draw my own! But after three days, I figured it was as good as it was going to get! :P

Pale Reflection )
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Title: Study Break
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Lindir
Rating: R
Notes: Lindir waits for Rúmil to join him in a moment of - rest. For Laur, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *Hugs*

Study Break )

New Manip

Mar. 14th, 2006 09:56 pm
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Here's Haldir for you... the hair was a nightmare! In other news, my PC has decided to randomly corrupt photoshop files. I only seem to have lost one WIP, but *sigh* why me?

Title: Morning Walk
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Haldir
Rating: PG
Notes: Haldir takes an early morning walk through his beloved Lorien.

Morning Walk )
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Title: Starcrossed
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Pairing: Fingolfin/Ecthelion
Rating: PG
Notes: A gift for [livejournal.com profile] phyncke :) Fin is the one in the circlet!

Starcrossed )
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Those of you in the EU RPG know that Orophin has a fairly dark and angsty past. When I saw this base I knew it was my chance to create an image from that rough time.

For those of you not in the RPG I've put an outline of his past below the pic. :)

Title: Lost and Alone
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Characher: Orophin
Rating: PG
Notes: By a small fire, shortly after his escape from slavery, Orophin takes to carving to distract himself from his loneliness.

Lost and Alone )
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Happy Valentine's Day to all my f-list! Have a manip!

Title: Roses are Red
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Tulkas
Rating: PG13 (Nudity)
Notes: Tulkas, the youngest of the Valar, has a surprise for Nessa, his wife.

Happy Valentine's Day! )

Gift Manip

Feb. 1st, 2006 12:27 pm
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This manip is a gift for [livejournal.com profile] enismirdal. It's an Elf she role-plays... the rather alternative son of Gil-galad!

Title: If you want me...
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Rávo (OC)
Rating: PG13 (Bare chest)
Notes: For Eni, with love. :)

If you want me... come and claim me )
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Title: Ready and Waiting
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Rúmil
Rating: R/NC17 (Full frontal)
Notes: During a visit to Imladris, Rúmil waits for his lover.

Ready and Waiting )
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I could go on about how I hate moving, how I don't want to live with my inlaws for days, never mind months and how generally miserable I am. But I think that's enough self-pity.

I really should have gone to bed early after packing for eleven hours. But I had a manip I really wanted to finish off before I have to pack up the PC... so I did. I hope you like it and I'll see you all whenever I next get online.

Title: Flying to You
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Elwing
Rating: R (Female nudity)
Notes: As night falls on the blessed realm, Elwing transforms into a great sea-bird and flies to her husband in the sky.

Flying to You )
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In a (not very sucessful) attempt to distract myself from house and family stuff, I finished off this manip. Not my best work, stress does nasty things to creativity. But it's OK.

*Returns to packing boxes*

Title: Midnight Meeting
Digi-Artist: Tuxedo Elf
Character: Orophin
Rating: PG13/R (Nudity)
Notes: Who is Orophin meeting, deep in the depths of a Lothlorien night?

Midnight Meeting )
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