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Dear [livejournal.com profile] bettas comm and mod - Fuck you. If calling someone out on keeping their pets in unsuitable conditions is 'not playing nice' then I don't *want* to play nice. And deleting all the comments you don't like? Pathetic. Take your comm and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Bowls are for cereal and soup. Vases are for flowers. Walls are for pictures. NOT FOR FISH. Seriously, if you can't provide your fish with a filtered, heated tank, here's a hint - DON'T DAMN WELL GET ONE.

And if anyone is reading this and thinking 'it's just a fish' then I don't want to hear it.


Jun. 8th, 2009 12:37 am
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I got a stunning new betta on Friday. Imported, halfmoon line, pure red. Tonight I fed him... just a tiny pinch of betta flake... and now he's bloated and struggling to stay upright. :( I don't know how it happened... I was so careful with how much I gave him. I hope he gets better. :(


May. 1st, 2009 11:36 am
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GAAAAH it's been one of those weeks!!!

Aedan teething like crazy and is *constantly* whinging. It's driving me nuts because I can't keep him happy! I hope it passes before I go insane. >.<

Lappy acting up, it keeps bluescreening on startup. Am hoping it lasts a while longer though because a new computer is unlikely to happen. Hoping to get an external HD for my birthday so I can at least back everything up. Assuming this thing lasts another two months.

Accidentally killed a fish... it got stuck under the ornament when I put it back after cleaning it. Feel horribly guilty about that.

Neal has been grouchy all week. He's stressed at work, but I wish he wouldn't bring it home with him! It's not *my* fault his collegues are total pricks.

Cat lovers... good thoughts needed for a local kitty... she had kittens two weeks ago and was attacked by a dog on Monday. She hasn't been seen since. :( fingers crossed that she's ok. I am FURIOUS with the dog's owner who *knows* his dog goes after cats and *still* lets the damn thing wander without a lead. Makes me worry about Smudge too.

In other news...

Am actually seriously consering doing Ardour in August. would be my first swap since 2005. Haven't decided for certain, but I'm definitely leaning towards giving it a go.

Mum coming over later and we're off to get clothes for Aedan and fish supplies. So that should be nice at least.
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Yesterday I took Aedan to a play centre. We've been there before but not for a while - he wasn't walking last time! It was a lot of fun and he got into everything! he especially liked the little tykes car... though he kept trying to climb in the side without the door! We went on our own because none of the other mums could be bothered to come along it seems. Well, whatever - it's their loss. I refuse to just sit at home... which is why we're also going swimming and to toddler group each week. :)

I love seeing Aedan exploring and having fun... and he's at that wonderfully sociable age where all kids are friends. I asked him to give a ball to another little boy and he walked right up to him and handed it over - awwww!

Now the play centre has a wonderful bonus of being close to *two* large aquatic centres! *Grin* I got some moss balls in one and went into the other in hopes of getting another couple of lampeyes. Unfortunately they'd sold out but while wandering round I came across a betta in a tank packed full of cories and neons. This poor fish could hardly move without being battered by cories and my heart went out to him. He's now enjoying sharing 30 litres with 4 lampeyes. I named him Duilin. :D

Picspam below the cut.

Pics... mostly Aedan and one fishy! )
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I don't think I've ever really posted about my other obsession hobby that keeps me busy... my fish! I recall having a moan last year when everything kept dying, but things have moved on a lot since then! I've got rid of my old, jinxed tank, replaced it and, erm, got a few more! :P

On the off-chance that anyone is actually interested... lots of fishy pics under the cut!

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