Dec. 8th, 2011 11:32 am
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We're all sick at the moment - stupid winter bugs dragging us all down!

Aedan has his school play tomorrow, his first ever, so I'm pretty excited! I've already sent his elf costume into the school - even though I still say it's the wrong kind of elf. ;)

Spoke to his teacher about the seemingly random toy cat story request. Ended up feeling a bit daft - apparently, when the toy pet comes home, it's as a reward for completing something they find particuarly difficult. Can't say I really understand how it works, but I'm glad I filled it in!

Below the cut are pics of the boys and some recent cakes.

Kids and Cakes )
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Been baking up a storm lately... and today I got my certificate confirming that I passed my course. :) A 'high pass' according to my teacher - I think I lost some marks on the paperwork side of things.

Some cakes )


Apr. 3rd, 2010 05:08 am
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My first ever paid cake is done. Just hope the customer likes it! Sleep now.

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So I got busy in the kitchen... I was intending to make a sponge cake, put my cake pan was far too big for the amount of mixture and it didn't rise enough. So I improvised.

Sponge Stars, Cupcakes and Chocolates )

Am seeing Star Trek tonight, yay!


May. 5th, 2009 01:01 am
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Hubby has been annoying in the extreme today, so I indulged in a little therapy-baking once he'd gone to bed.

Chocolate cupcakes with peppermint icing and sprinkles. Chocolate sprinkles would probably have been better, but I didn't have any.


Tired now. Bedtime.


Mar. 27th, 2009 11:41 am
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Last night I made cupcakes... lemon cupcakes with lemon icing. I made 10 mini ones and eight normal sized ones. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. :)

The mini cakes:

One of the bigger ones:

The chick decorations were pre-done, but when I have more time I'm going to attempt to make my own.
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I made cookies. Specifically, 'stained glass' cookies.

And then a miracle happened.

Hubby told me he was 'really impressed' and that they're 'amazing!'


Edited to add pic!


Edit 2: OK, since I'm nice I'll tell you just how incredibly easy they are! )

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