Jun. 30th, 2011 02:00 am
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Still no baby. It seems I have stubborn kids who don't like coming out. I'm over a week late now, so tomorrow and Friday they'll do membrane sweeps and if that doesn't work I'll be induced on Saturday. I really don't want that. Aedan's birth was awful and I'm dreading a repeat. And after a successful conception and pregnancy, it really blows to know your body can't seem to see things through to the natural conclusion without help. I desperately wanted a natural birth, but I dare not put the baby at risk by waiting too long. I'm just hoping that somehow I go into labour before Saturday morning.


Jun. 23rd, 2011 09:25 pm
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In a word.
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On Tuesday I'll be 39 weeks, so baby could come at any time. Not showing any signs of labour yet though... more's the pity! I ache a lot now and doing pretty much anything is a serious effort.

I'm a bit worried about the birth... my iron levels were low at my last blood test and although I've been on 600mg tablets twice a day, there are no plans to retest before the birth. This means that the birth centre I'm supposed to be delivering at may not accept me. That means I'll have to deliver at the linked hospital, which I *really* don't want to do. So it's a bit worrying and it's more than a week until my next appointment. Right now I'm just going to turn up at the birth centre if I go into labour and hope for the best! I really want a natural water birth this time.

Knowing my luck, he'll decide to put in an appearance on either Tuesday or Friday, since they're the least convenient times! :P Friday isn't a huge deal... just dinner out and the Green Lantern movie... but on Tuesday we have the home visit from the nursery Aedan will be attending from September. I really don't think it'll look good if we cancel last minute, however unavoidable!

I think everything is ready for his arrival at least - I sorted out the baby clothes last weekend and bought some new ones since a lot of Aedan's old stuff is thick winter wear. The cot is up with a new mattress and we have a new pram. (The wheel fell of Aedan's old one and no one would repair it.) My hospital bag is packed and ready to go and Mum is on standby for childcare.

Aedan's been ill today... had a temperature and was in bed at 5pm! Didn't want to eat at all, not even his favourite foods. I've given him some medicine and I'm hoping he shakes it off quickly. I hate seeing him so miserable. :(

I'm hoping he takes the arrival of his brother well... so far he's been amazing, kissing my bump and talking about the baby He's been very good with my friends babies... didn't even complain when a 5 week old fell asleep on me! Still, having it 24/7 could be very different. But fingers crossed!

Wow, this post got long. Hopefully the next one will be a birth announcement!
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So, I hit 35 weeks yesterday, yay! Only 5 weeks to go! Really hope this little boy isn't late because I am *so* done with being pregnant! Everything seems to be going well so far, apart from low iron levels which are being treated. I had the same problem when I was expecting Aedan, so it was no surprise!

I am getting slightly annoyed with the lack of consistant care though - I think I've seen a different midwife every visit. I suppose it doesn't really matter in the long run, since it has no bearing on who delivers the baby, but I would have liked the chance to build up some kind of working relationship! I did have a student midwife using me as a case study, but sadly she's had to drop out due to poor health.

Aedan starts nursery in September! We got a letter from the local school yesterday, offering him a place. He'll be just over 3 and a half by then. I had originally planned to keep him home until he started school, but I think he needs more than I can give him now. He's a bright kid - he's well on his way to learning to read and loves to count and spell - and I'm pretty sure he gets bored. It'll also help with his language skills, which are a little below average for his age. I don;'t know yet if we'll get morning or afternoon sessions or a couple of full days. I'd prefer afternoons, so he can still go to toddler group and swimming. But we'll see There's a meeting in June where we can ask questions, though Neal may have to go on his own, as it's a week after my due date!

Is LJ driving anyone else mad? I was going to go back to a paid account despite the cost, because the ads are driving me mad, but it's so slow all the time! I'm not sure if it's worth it, even though the ads are awful and I miss my icons!

And just for something to look at... le bump, taken last Saturday. Excuse the lack of makeup, I just haven't had the energy for that kind of thing lately!

Bump! )


Apr. 28th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Tomorrow morning, hubby and I are off to Bournemouth for a long weekend. We thought it would be nice to have some adult time before Baby arrives. So Aedan's staying with my parents until Monday and we're going to rediscover the 'couple' thing briefly!

Neal wants to watch the Royal Wedding... I'm not *that* bothered.. I'm more interested in her dress than anything else! I will probably end up half-watching it in the hotel room and reading the rest of the time!

I can't wait to get there, I'm exhausted and really need a break. Being pregnant and trying to keep up with a 3 year old is draining! Three seems to be a rather, erm, challenging age. It's not all bad though, Aedan seems to have accepted the coming changes with good grace... I just hope it continues when Baby is actually here! It's very cute when he kisses my bump. :)

Had a doctor's appointment today, most pregnancy stuff goes directly to the Midwives, but they like to do the odd check-up. All ok... Baby is head-down, although sort of sideways facing at the moment. Am not all that worried though, he still has 8 weeks or so to sort himself out!

And just so this entry isn't all text...

Pics from a recent daytrip with the toddler group )
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Boy boy boy boy boy boy boy! No pink for me. lol.

OK, so it's a little weird. I'd always imagined having at least one girl, but since we don't intend to have any more, that's looking rather unlikely! :P Still, he's healthy, all bits in the right place! :)
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2011 already! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

My parents came for Christmas, which was nice. Unfortunately most of us were ill in one way or another, so the food went somewhat unappreciated! (I was on antibiotics by that point!) Still, we had a good day and managed to get Aedan to nap while we watched the Dr Who special! ;)

He got so.many.presents. it was ridiculous! It was far too much for one day, so I spaced it out. On Jan 3rd he finally opened the last one! My house now looks like Toys R Us. And it's his birthday in 3 weeks. O.o

New Year was ok too, we went to my Inlaws and stayed a couple of days. Their neighbours - who used to be *our* neighbours and so are old friends - came over and we had dinner and watched Big Ben ring it in on TV. Quiet, but enjoyable.

Had a midwife appointment yesterday and we heard the heartbeat! She wasn't sure if she'd be able to find it, since 16 weeks it still pretty early, but Baby was being co-operative. :)

Aedan, unfortunately, wasn't. He behaved himself in the midwife's office, but back in reception, threw a temper tantrum when we tried to get his coat back on. It's the first time he's done that in public and was so embarassing. :( I hope we can get it into him that tantrums don't work soon!

While I'm talking babies, a big CONGRATULATIONS! to [ profile] trekqueen who is due June 28th and [ profile] oloriel who is due mid July! It's an LJ baby boom!

Hmmm, that's about it. I'm working on my slashy valentine fic, though haven't got very far as yet. The request is ok, but I'm just struggling to find a plot. I'm out of practice!

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