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Every year I wonder where the time goes. Growing up so fast!

I had to work today, so Neal and my Mum brought the boys in so I could join them for dinner. :)

P1020366_zps7b449d1a photo P1020366_zps7b449d1a-1_zpsca2dfb3d.jpg

Life is slowly getting back to normal and I should be around more soon.
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*Pokes LJ* Typical... the day I want to update, it goes down for hours. It's getting more and more irritating to get on here. And what's with the random icon selection? It's reverted to a free account and the icons I have left don't seem to be any of the ones I actually USE. Very annoying.

Anyway - busy couple of months in Tux land! Aedan did get into his school which is a huge relief. A lot of the kids weren't accepted, so we're very lucky. He's having a full 'taster day' next month, before starting full time in September.

Marcus is almost walking now, but lacks the confidence to really go for it! I actually expected him to walk sooner, since he sat and crawled early, but I'm not worried - it's easier this way, lol. I can't believe I'm planning his first birthday already!

Chocolate business taking off now. :) Did a stall at Aedan's school fair and it went really well. Doing another school fair next week. My facebook page wouldn't say no to a few more likers though, so pop over to http://www.facebook.com/hookedonchoc if you fancy a peek at my business world!

*Uses an Elf icon as that's all that seems to be left - maybe they're trying to tell me something? lol*
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Happy fourth birthday to my amazing boy. :)

He's having his party on Sunday, but he got the 'Tidmouth Sheds' playset for his train set from us and a wooden 'cranky the crane' from Marcus, so he's pretty happy! He's tired though, he kept getting up last night for some reason!
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I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was celebrated on Boxing day, since I was trapped at the inlwas on the 25th! The boys got far too many gifts, my living room is definitely more of a playroom now! Need to buy some storage boxes!

I recently updated my dreamwidth journal imports I want to make sure I have everything if I need to switch over. I'm seriously unhappy with LJ at the moment. Not so much with the changes, although they suck, but with the unprofessional and dismissive attitude.

Funny though, I hadn't used that journal since late 2008. Was quite nice look back... read entries long forgotten about! Found some old fics too, uncompleted as usual! Ah well... one day! I would like to go back to the Gildor/Orophin series again.

Christmas pics below the cut for anyone who isn't sick to death of my boys by now!

Christmas )


Dec. 8th, 2011 11:32 am
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We're all sick at the moment - stupid winter bugs dragging us all down!

Aedan has his school play tomorrow, his first ever, so I'm pretty excited! I've already sent his elf costume into the school - even though I still say it's the wrong kind of elf. ;)

Spoke to his teacher about the seemingly random toy cat story request. Ended up feeling a bit daft - apparently, when the toy pet comes home, it's as a reward for completing something they find particuarly difficult. Can't say I really understand how it works, but I'm glad I filled it in!

Below the cut are pics of the boys and some recent cakes.

Kids and Cakes )
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Absolutely baffled - why is Aedan's nursery sending home a toy with a 'diary story' that clearly has to be filled in by the parents? They're supposed to be educating Aedan, not vetting *my* writing skills...


Nov. 25th, 2011 03:19 pm
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I just got a note from Aedan's nursery about their Christmas play.

Apparently, he's playing an Elf.



Oct. 31st, 2011 01:00 am
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Halloween isn't really my holiday. I'm grossed out by the guts and gore and am not a fan of trick or treating. But there are certain things you just do when you have kids... and the Toddler Group Halloween party is one of them. And I certainly had to 'do' it - I'm on the committee, so was involved in the set-up and running.

But on the bright side... I think my boys looked soooo cute in their costumes!

Not what I'd call scary... )
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These DDoS attacks are getting *really* old. I'm kind of regretting renewing my paid account now! Three days since LJ was working properly. I have a rarely-used Dreamwidth account, (tuxedo_elf there too) but even that seems slow!

But onto more pleasant things. Am gradually getting used to life as a Mum of two! Marcus doesn't sleep much - he's generally up every 2 hours - so I'm exhausted beyond all words, but other than that he's doing well. Aedan adores his little brother and is always kissing and snuggling him. :)

And speaking of babies - two more have joined the LJ babies! Big congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] ford_of_bruinen and family on the birth of their daughter and to [livejournal.com profile] oloriel and family on the birth of their son! I think I also missed congratulating [livejournal.com profile] trekqueen who had her daughter in June, so belated congrats there too!


Jul. 12th, 2011 04:28 pm
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Aedan woke Marcus up and I couldn't get him back to sleep... I tried everything before giving up and just rocking while playing silly music videos on youtube.

... He only fell asleep listening to K-Pop. O.o I have passed on my bad music taste genes!

Aedan's comment? 'That's definitely not quite right.'

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Thanks so much for all the baby and birthday wishes! As promised, here's the full story, with pics! Fair warning, there may be some TMI related to birth here!

I went in to be induced on Saturday morning. I was an hour late, due to panicking! As with Aedan, the hormone gel didn't really do much except give me contractions and that really dragged things out. I eventually made it to 2cm dilated and got transferred to the labour ward. After several really painful hours I got an epidural... especially since I wasn't really progressing and the pain was sending me loopy.

More of the birth story and baby pics )
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On Tuesday I'll be 39 weeks, so baby could come at any time. Not showing any signs of labour yet though... more's the pity! I ache a lot now and doing pretty much anything is a serious effort.

I'm a bit worried about the birth... my iron levels were low at my last blood test and although I've been on 600mg tablets twice a day, there are no plans to retest before the birth. This means that the birth centre I'm supposed to be delivering at may not accept me. That means I'll have to deliver at the linked hospital, which I *really* don't want to do. So it's a bit worrying and it's more than a week until my next appointment. Right now I'm just going to turn up at the birth centre if I go into labour and hope for the best! I really want a natural water birth this time.

Knowing my luck, he'll decide to put in an appearance on either Tuesday or Friday, since they're the least convenient times! :P Friday isn't a huge deal... just dinner out and the Green Lantern movie... but on Tuesday we have the home visit from the nursery Aedan will be attending from September. I really don't think it'll look good if we cancel last minute, however unavoidable!

I think everything is ready for his arrival at least - I sorted out the baby clothes last weekend and bought some new ones since a lot of Aedan's old stuff is thick winter wear. The cot is up with a new mattress and we have a new pram. (The wheel fell of Aedan's old one and no one would repair it.) My hospital bag is packed and ready to go and Mum is on standby for childcare.

Aedan's been ill today... had a temperature and was in bed at 5pm! Didn't want to eat at all, not even his favourite foods. I've given him some medicine and I'm hoping he shakes it off quickly. I hate seeing him so miserable. :(

I'm hoping he takes the arrival of his brother well... so far he's been amazing, kissing my bump and talking about the baby He's been very good with my friends babies... didn't even complain when a 5 week old fell asleep on me! Still, having it 24/7 could be very different. But fingers crossed!

Wow, this post got long. Hopefully the next one will be a birth announcement!
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So, I hit 35 weeks yesterday, yay! Only 5 weeks to go! Really hope this little boy isn't late because I am *so* done with being pregnant! Everything seems to be going well so far, apart from low iron levels which are being treated. I had the same problem when I was expecting Aedan, so it was no surprise!

I am getting slightly annoyed with the lack of consistant care though - I think I've seen a different midwife every visit. I suppose it doesn't really matter in the long run, since it has no bearing on who delivers the baby, but I would have liked the chance to build up some kind of working relationship! I did have a student midwife using me as a case study, but sadly she's had to drop out due to poor health.

Aedan starts nursery in September! We got a letter from the local school yesterday, offering him a place. He'll be just over 3 and a half by then. I had originally planned to keep him home until he started school, but I think he needs more than I can give him now. He's a bright kid - he's well on his way to learning to read and loves to count and spell - and I'm pretty sure he gets bored. It'll also help with his language skills, which are a little below average for his age. I don;'t know yet if we'll get morning or afternoon sessions or a couple of full days. I'd prefer afternoons, so he can still go to toddler group and swimming. But we'll see There's a meeting in June where we can ask questions, though Neal may have to go on his own, as it's a week after my due date!

Is LJ driving anyone else mad? I was going to go back to a paid account despite the cost, because the ads are driving me mad, but it's so slow all the time! I'm not sure if it's worth it, even though the ads are awful and I miss my icons!

And just for something to look at... le bump, taken last Saturday. Excuse the lack of makeup, I just haven't had the energy for that kind of thing lately!

Bump! )


Apr. 28th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Tomorrow morning, hubby and I are off to Bournemouth for a long weekend. We thought it would be nice to have some adult time before Baby arrives. So Aedan's staying with my parents until Monday and we're going to rediscover the 'couple' thing briefly!

Neal wants to watch the Royal Wedding... I'm not *that* bothered.. I'm more interested in her dress than anything else! I will probably end up half-watching it in the hotel room and reading the rest of the time!

I can't wait to get there, I'm exhausted and really need a break. Being pregnant and trying to keep up with a 3 year old is draining! Three seems to be a rather, erm, challenging age. It's not all bad though, Aedan seems to have accepted the coming changes with good grace... I just hope it continues when Baby is actually here! It's very cute when he kisses my bump. :)

Had a doctor's appointment today, most pregnancy stuff goes directly to the Midwives, but they like to do the odd check-up. All ok... Baby is head-down, although sort of sideways facing at the moment. Am not all that worried though, he still has 8 weeks or so to sort himself out!

And just so this entry isn't all text...

Pics from a recent daytrip with the toddler group )


Jan. 23rd, 2011 11:14 am
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I am fucked off. Today is Aedan's party amd I had 6 to 7 kids down to come. And in the space of an hour, they all cancelled. There's one 'possible' left and that's it. I'm just glad he's not old enough to notice. And thank god for family. :(
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Happy third birthday to my beautiful boy. :)

He's had a fantastic day... we had swimming this morning, followed by a 3 hour session in a soft play area where two friends and their kids met us. Then after a quick nap (more for my benefit I fear! :P) we went to a family-friendly restaurant for dinner. I don't think I've ever seen him eat so much!

We're also having a little party for him on Sunday and he'll get his cake then... I didn't have time to make two!

Currently though, I don't have a living room. I have a railway. O.o

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2011 already! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

My parents came for Christmas, which was nice. Unfortunately most of us were ill in one way or another, so the food went somewhat unappreciated! (I was on antibiotics by that point!) Still, we had a good day and managed to get Aedan to nap while we watched the Dr Who special! ;)

He got so.many.presents. it was ridiculous! It was far too much for one day, so I spaced it out. On Jan 3rd he finally opened the last one! My house now looks like Toys R Us. And it's his birthday in 3 weeks. O.o

New Year was ok too, we went to my Inlaws and stayed a couple of days. Their neighbours - who used to be *our* neighbours and so are old friends - came over and we had dinner and watched Big Ben ring it in on TV. Quiet, but enjoyable.

Had a midwife appointment yesterday and we heard the heartbeat! She wasn't sure if she'd be able to find it, since 16 weeks it still pretty early, but Baby was being co-operative. :)

Aedan, unfortunately, wasn't. He behaved himself in the midwife's office, but back in reception, threw a temper tantrum when we tried to get his coat back on. It's the first time he's done that in public and was so embarassing. :( I hope we can get it into him that tantrums don't work soon!

While I'm talking babies, a big CONGRATULATIONS! to [livejournal.com profile] trekqueen who is due June 28th and [livejournal.com profile] oloriel who is due mid July! It's an LJ baby boom!

Hmmm, that's about it. I'm working on my slashy valentine fic, though haven't got very far as yet. The request is ok, but I'm just struggling to find a plot. I'm out of practice!
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Sorry for the general lack of me lately. I'm just completely BLAH right now. In the past six weeks I've had a UTI, a stomach bug and two colds. So I'm pretty drained at the moment! Hoping it all goes away before Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas... fair warning - this LJ will be suitably garish within the week. :P

I have noting more to add, so two Aedan pics below the cut. Just because.

Aedan )
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Back now! We had a lovely time in Devon, though as usual it went too fast! The weather was pretty good, apart from the last couple of days! But we found plenty to do whatever the weather! Rather than boring you with lengthy descriptions, I'm just going to post picspam instead! Dial-up users be warned - there are a lot of pics under the cut! Including a couple of *gasp* me! (And a fair amount of Aedan, obviously, though not exclusively...)

Holiday Pics )
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This saturday will be my last college class. I still have paperwork to do and practical work to complete, but I'm really going to miss it. I've learned so much and it's been good to indulge in something I really enjoy. Hopefully I'll keep getting orders so I can practice what I've learned.

I'm thinking of getting a weekend job, just for a little extra cash and to get out on my own one day a week. So far, however, I've not had much luck with finding anything. Maybe it's just the wrong time of year.

It's Royal Ascot this week, which means Neal is working from dawn until dusk. He takes a group of students every year and they all work in the VIP catering tents. It's quite cool, but it means that Aedan may not actually see his Daddy until Sunday. We usually stay at my parent's place during Ascot week, but my sister is currently living there during the week and we haven't been on speaking terms since January, so *that's* not going to happen. Going to be a bit hard... we're well and truly in the 'whining' phase and it gets a bit old when you can't hand them off for a bit! I have the utmost respect for single parents - I don't know how they stay sane!

I went with [livejournal.com profile] minuial_nuwing's suggestion and got the first book in the Nightrunner series. Only had time to read a few pages, but it looks good so far. I do like a book with plenty of plot.

Still have the 3 questions meme for [livejournal.com profile] keiliss and [livejournal.com profile] minuial_nuwing to do. Will do that once I get the college stuff out of the way. :)

Using my new Aedan icon for this post, just because I think he looks completely adorable in it! Sort of makes up for all the whining, lol. He's happier when we go out though, so I try to leave the house as much as possible! :P

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