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*Pokes LJ* Typical... the day I want to update, it goes down for hours. It's getting more and more irritating to get on here. And what's with the random icon selection? It's reverted to a free account and the icons I have left don't seem to be any of the ones I actually USE. Very annoying.

Anyway - busy couple of months in Tux land! Aedan did get into his school which is a huge relief. A lot of the kids weren't accepted, so we're very lucky. He's having a full 'taster day' next month, before starting full time in September.

Marcus is almost walking now, but lacks the confidence to really go for it! I actually expected him to walk sooner, since he sat and crawled early, but I'm not worried - it's easier this way, lol. I can't believe I'm planning his first birthday already!

Chocolate business taking off now. :) Did a stall at Aedan's school fair and it went really well. Doing another school fair next week. My facebook page wouldn't say no to a few more likers though, so pop over to http://www.facebook.com/hookedonchoc if you fancy a peek at my business world!

*Uses an Elf icon as that's all that seems to be left - maybe they're trying to tell me something? lol*
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