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Hope everyone enjoyed new year.

Have to say I'm not feeling especially cheery - serious case of the new year blues over here. I have to go back to work next month, which I'm really not looking forward to. My manager is difficult to work for and I'm stll not getting much sleep. Marcus also hates taking the bottle and usually falls asleep on the boob, so no idea how Neal is going to manage. Luckily it should only be 2 nights a week. To add insult to injury, I'll be on less money than I'm getting now, because Maternity allowance pays based on your highest earnings and when I first started I was doing 3 nights a week.

We also probably have to move this year - the landlord wants to sell the house and unless Neal pulls off a miracle we can't afford to buy it. I love this house and the thought of moving is really dragging me down. This house is the right size, in the right place and the right price. I doubt we'll find anything else that good around here.

Meh. Sorry for the grumpy post.

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