Apr. 4th, 2013

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Not sure anyone even still reads this! This is the update I was going to make at new year. Um. Oops?

In my defense, I've been pretty busy! ;)

There's still a lot of issues to deal with regarding my mother in law, my late father in law and the house fire. They now think she won't be back in her home until late summer. The flat she's got isn't bad, but it's not home.

I've also been working hard on my chocolates, trying to promote my business and build my customer base. I am now getting some repeat customers outside of friends and family, so that's pretty cool. It's on hold for April though, as we're moving house next week.

I didn't want to move, but our landlord has decided to sell the place. We had a hard time finding anything within walking distance of Aedan's school. We did eventually find one, but there was a pretty big scarifice - they don't allow pets. I've spent the last couple of months trying to find a home for the cat where I'll still be able to see him. In the end my uncle agreed to take him until my sister moves - her new place is pet friendly. My sister and I don't really get along, but she's the only one who actually seemed to WANT him. Still, I have a lot of guilt over the whole thing. Smudge has always been MY cat - this breaks my heart. But we ran out of options.

The boys are doing well... Aedan got an excellent report from his teachers at parents evening and I'm impressed at how much his reading and writing has improved. He finally got his birthday party in Febuary - I think he thought it was worth waiting for!

Marcus is being rather difficult at the momebt but I think it's the age - he talking but can't express himself properly yet and gets very frustrated. He's still as clingy as the day he was born, not sure when that's ever going to let up! But he's bright and growing well, so I can't really complain!

They're sharing a room in the new house - we have 3 bedrooms, but Aedan wants to share. Which will be great if it works, as we'll have a guest room.

We'll also have a larger garden for them to play in.. if the weather ever warms up!

Here be pics... boys, chocs and random stuff... )

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