Apr. 16th, 2012

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I can't believe I haven't posted since January! That's terrible! But in my defence I've been really, really busy! If I've misssed anything important, let me know!

Warning - this entry got VERY long and VERY pic-heavy!

Aedan has just gone back to nursery after the Easter holiday. He definitely needed the break - sometimes I worry that 5 days a week is too much at his age, but he has to get used it before he starts school full time. We should hear in the next week or two if he's been offered a place in the main school for September. He *should* get in, since we live across the road from the school, but until I have in in writing I won't relax. I'm really stuffed if he doesn't get in... not only is it a very good school, but the next nearest is over 2 miles away and I don't drive. So, fingers crossed! He loves it there and has made lots of friends. I want him to keep all that.

Marcus is developing so fast it's scary. He's been pulling up to stand since 6.5 months old and started crawling at just after 7 months. I just can't keep up with him! Currently he's working on standing unassisted - I think he might be an early walker! He's finally started sleeping a bit better - on average he only wakes once a night now. Maybe one day I really will sleep a whole night again! On the downside, he has awful seperation anxiety. He can't bear to not be in physical contact with me. It's a bit draining and I hope it passes soon, because the crying every time I put him down is unbearable.

Family: Been a bit of a rough family time. One of my aunts is still in hospital after suffering multiple organ failure that she was extremely lucky to survive. They now think she will make a full recovery, but it will be a slow process.

I have never got on with my sister - we have nothing in common except parents. And now the little darling is getting married. Can we say 'Bridezilla?' She is running my parents ragged, taking everything and giving nothing. They're paying for the whole thing, since his parents don't like her and won't even let her in their house. So you'd think she'd be grateful. But no, she just keeps making more demands. The family are furious that I and the boys have been excluded. She was my bridesmaid, but refused to have me as hers and as for the boys 'I'd have had a flower girl, but Katie had boys.' Because nobody ever has Pageboys, right? I am fuming. Oh yeah, she still expects me to design her wedding invitations. So entitled.

It was a bit of a battle, they didn't really want me back, but I finally returned to the chip shop. I'm not really enjoying it, even though I'm only working one shift of nine hours. It really ruins my Sunday! I'm also selling Avon in an attempt to earn a bit more money!

I'm desperate to leave the chippy, so I've finally taken the plunge and started my own business! I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to do cakes as a main job - there are too many cake decorators - the competition is ridiculous. I will still make and sell them on request, but it will be a sideline. Instead I have started producing handmade chocolates and am having a great time trying out new flavours and fillings! It's early days yet and I'm still building up my customer base, but I really believe there is a future in this business. :)

And for anyone who made it this far - pictures! Kids, chocolate, etc! )

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